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Enjoy the (F)light!

Recently I have been working with an exciting new photographic platform –  the multi-copter,  popularly known as “the drone”. 

…however I object to the pollution of the military term “drone”  with this very hi-tech,  but essentially harmless,  flying multi-copter photographic platform.  It is unprecedented that I can take a camera to 400 feet,  see the view live,  take a video or a still image.    In the past I have rented helicopters,   airplanes  or cherry pickers .   Now,  this may not be as thrilling as a 70-degree bank turn in a helicopter,   but it is surely a kick to fly and shoot.  Enjoy the (f)light.



2014 Reel

Puerto Rico


Burr Burton High School

Hill Farm Inn

Seven Springs


Windswept Farm