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Disappointed in your new camera?

Wanting to know more about digital photography?

Confused by the complexity of your dSLR?

I can help you take better pictures. ( And it’s not all about your camera.)

Digital Photography Classes 2019

Class  –  Mondays  6:30–8:30pm
8 sessions (plus 1 optional outing TBD)

Price: $295

Classes limited to 8 participants

Location: Les Jorgensen’s studio
956 West Road (PO Box 1081)
Manchester Village,VT 05254



Jörgensen offers an eight-week program of digital photography lessons designed to help you learn more about your digital SLR camera, get better pictures from it and develop your own image-making voice.

This session will start out in early Spring and extend throughout our beautiful early summer.  We will explore how to “see the light “, how the light gets through our camera and what we might be doing symbolically.  We will also explore the increasing sophistication of smart phones and image editing on the smart phone.

This class is perfect for anyone ready to take their dSLR camera out of the often-disappointing “Auto Everything” mode and take control of their pictures.

Infrared Black and White Landscape photograph Barn VermontWhat you will need:

  • Your Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera.  You have one if you can change the lens on it.  Otherwise contact Les to see what you have and what can be worked out.
  • Manual for camera –if you can’t find it, you can Google your camera model and download as a .pdf.  Please print out.
  • Flash Drive ( often called a “thumb drive or nerd stick”)
  • Optional: Tripod and shoe-mount flash

Everything from ISO settings to file formats, dpi to online photo labs, and digital noise to color balance will be covered.  The basic fundamentals of photography (composition, lenses, flash, shutter speed) will be investigated in weekly assignments. The class stresses picture stories and the visual language of the photograph.

Students will learn to recognize the different qualities of light and how each quality has its own mood and language. We’ll cover the concept of three-dimensional depth and how to use light and lenses to enhance the feeling of distance in pictures.  Creating a sense of the passage of time and motion through creative shutter speed will be introduced,  as well as how to use the camera’s white balance settings to insure rich color.

Students will be introduced to Adobe Lightroom as the basis for their RAW file workflow – the highest quality mode their camera offers.

Participants will be introduced to the  idea that from initial vision to final expression the photographic act is a circular process,  each step needs to be understood for its creative potential.  The technical aspects of photography are in service of both the aesthetics and the meaning of the final print.

Demonstrations and shooting opportunities will take place at Les Jorgensen’s studio and around the picturesque landscape surrounding Manchester,VT.

This class is perfect for photographers of any level interested in getting more out of their dSLR camera. Enrollment is limited to 8 participants.