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 The watermark to the right  is the single picture we have of my Great-Great-Great Grandfather,  H.W. Lawhead –  a photographer like myself.  Although the rest of the modern pictures on this site are mine,  the historical pictures are his,  taken of his family –  my ancestors. A photographer from 1850-1885,  at the absolute infancy of this art form,   H.W. Lawhead was a fine example of the portrait pioneers of his time.  (This is his first showing in the 21st century and I am sure he is excited!). Working out of his north-light studio in Ornaga Ill.,  he documented his family,  their activities and the people of his small town.  150 years later,  I do the same,  but I also get to do things photographically that he couldn’t have dreamed of.

Great-Great-Great Grandfather H.W.Lawhead, circa 1855