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Did you know?  That’s right, out of the kitchen of the equinox, Chef Jeffrey Russell produces hundreds of dozens of cider doughnuts for his guests and also for the local Manchester community.  Recently I was talking with Jeffrey about how he started this.  He said, ” I grew up in the Berkshires and always loved the local cider doughnuts.  I thought I would recreate that here but it did not turn out to be an easy task.  First I had to convince the Equinox itself who was only luke-warm to the idea.  So I went out on my own and got a doughnut-making machine on Ebay, tested my recipes and now we serve several hundred dozen a weekend.” 

I live a mile from the Equinox and did not know that I could go to the gift shop every weekend morning and get a dozen or more cider doughnuts.  Now I am there every time the kids need a weekend treat or guests come up from the City. Get there early enough and they are still warm, with a substantial weight to their sweetness and a hint of cinnamon (or is that just a smell from my childhood?) You have got to try them. Why should just the Equinox guests have all the fun?

Chef Russell and his cider doughnuts were recently featured in  Food Arts magazine, the leading publication for restaurant and hotel “foodies”.


Chef Jeffrey Russell mixing another batch of his famous Cider Doughnuts ©2010 Les Jorgensen

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