Photo Of The Week –March 5th,2013

Edsel Hood Ornament for Landrover - cliick on image to enlarge

Edsel Hood Ornament for Landrover –cliick on image to enlarge

I recently have been archive scanning some of my work from the 80’s and 90’s.  They are 8×10 chromes (transparencies) and,  like all film,they are in danger of becoming discolored.  Nearly all film is NOT archival and thus in danger of this.  It has been a hoot to take some of this old work out.  Some I nearly forgot. Some I never showed at that time and I have a new appreciation.  Some suck. Some were for clients.  Some for my agent.  Some to spite my agent.  Some I will share once a week here,on Facebook and Pinterest. 

This is a hood ornament for an Edsel.  It actually was an award given to Landrover’s design group to honor thier work.  They asked that I change the gold statue to this to commemorate their own work. 

I love that it looks like some Ayn Rand Angel.



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