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VR – Panoramas

Flushing Meadows, Queens, NYC – New York State Pavilion-Ken Burns commissioned this Panorama for the website that accompanied his PBS documentary, “New York – A Documentary”.
It is a digital infrared panorama of the site of the 1939-40 and  1964-65 World’s Fair. Note the map of New York still visible on the floor of the once covered Pavilion.

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Cave 123 at Maijishan, China

I was commissioned by the Asia Society and Chinese government to go to the eastern slopes of the Tibetan Plateau to photograph one cave – “Cave 123”.  It was one of some 90+ caves on a cliff face used in the 4th century as a Buddhist enclave. The cave itself was 6ft. x 6ft. x 6ft. and lined with terracotta figurines, Bodhisattvas and a central Buddha.  I was the first American to see this cave.  Charged with bringing back a “virtual” cave since the figures were too fragile and valuable to travel, I constructed a 360 degree theater within The Silk Road exhibit, a Kiosk and DVD for the Grand Opening of the Asia Society’s new building on Park Ave, NYC. If you have your stereo  red/blue glasses handy, it is in stereo.
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MoMA, NY – Picasso Matisse ExhibitFor several years I had the privilege to document every room of every exhibit for the Museum Of Modern Art, NY.  This was the Museum’s primary way of archiving and documenting their exhibits and subsequently displaying them in an educational VR tour for multiple users.  Over 75 exhibits with an average of 50 “nodes” per exhibit made for an extensive cultural experience.  This “node” was from the blockbuster “Picasso – Matisse”  in the Moma Queens location. (©MoMA NY, Les Jorgensen and/or estates of Matisse and Picasso – All Rights Reserved) (click here to open new window with the VR) MoMA NY Picasso Mastisse Exhibit

Virgin Atlantic Airlines –Gatwick Airport First-Class Lounge

This project was to do VR Panoramic Tours of several international Virgin Atlantic Airport lounges as well as the First-Class accommodations on board their 747’s.  Heathrow,  Gatwick,  Dulles,  JFK,  Charles de Gaulle,  Hong Kong are among the airports.   The newly developed First-Class seat was also featured and is available as a VR-Object.

Bethpage Black Golf Course –
18th green -site of the 2001 USOpen
This was the first in a series of projects for the USGA and PGA which featured an online shot-by-shot tour of 5 Major Courses and interactive CD that was sold in the merchandise tents at each event.  The online component was syndicated to dozens of the top golf portals and viewed by millions of people at each event.(click here  to open new window with the VR)

Falcon 900 Tri Jet 

This was an interactive tour done for the owner of two of these jets used for his private use and his celebrity friends.  Originally built to seat 45, each of his jets was configured to sleep and carry 11 people.
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BentleyChampion Motors of Long Island, NY, commissioned this VR Tour of their luxury vehicles.

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The Breakers ResortThis VR-Panorama is a spherical panorama meaning you can look up and down 180 degrees as well as 360 degrees around.  This was a project documenting one of the finest resorts in the world located in Palm Springs Fla.  Over 30 viewpoints from the beach to the ballrooms were incorporated into this extensive project.


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W Hotel Union Square NYC

Virtual Tour of the new W Hotel

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Jorgensen Studio

I converted this very raw 1880’s barn

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The White House

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Indoor Golf –

A photo-illustration using three panoramas – just for fun.

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row 13, column 1 row 13, column 2
row 14, column 1 row 14, column 2
row 15, column 1 row 15, column 2
row 16, column 1 row 16, column 2