Photographic VR (Virtual Reality) is an exciting interactive art form that has largely remained underused. There are two types of VR – Object and Panoramic. Panoramas are just that -360 degree panoramic pictures in which the camera turns to capture the landscape around it. Objects are where the subject/object itself turns around as the camera remains stationary. What makes this medium exciting in this digital age is it’s ability to be interactive –  you, the viewer, can grab the photo, turn, zoom and explore at will.

Take a look through the above galleries. I have had the privilege to have worked with some of the best clients in the world –having access to museums such as MoMA NY, golf venues such as The USOpen and The PGA –Major Golf Tournaments, and the vacation sites and cities of the world.

Equinox Resort,Manchester VT (just down the street from my studio) in the early 1900’s –(Image courtesy the US National Archives)