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Photoshop and Lightroom

Photoshop for Photographers:   Vermont Weekend Workshop

Instructor:  Les Jorgensen


Jorgensen Studio Manchester,Vermont

Global Crossing Illustration – BBDO

Photography has two sides –the camera and the darkroom. Photoshop is the King of the digital darkroom. It is the number one standard production tool for many disciplines as well as the most fun you can have outside your camera with your images. This class is to introduce a student to the power and creativity of Photoshop.

Every notice how some photography is just so perfect? You can bet these were perfected using Photoshop. This class is for the photographer preparing a picture for final output –print or web. We will teach you what to use,what to ignore and how to have some fun with filters and layered images. In the end you will be able to print a perfect print or place a real WOW! of a picture onto the web.

Date: Feb 4 -5

Sat Feb 4,12-5
Sunday Feb 5,1-4

Cost: $139

Limited to 10 participants:

  • Requirements:
  • Photoshop (Photoshop Elements 9 or 10 is OK)
  • Laptop (or iMac)
  • There will be limited computers available in the studio.
  • USB stick drive


 Les Jorgensen

20 year ago,Les took his first class in Photoshop and,during that first class he produced the New York Times Magazine’s very first Photo-Illustration –using the earliest version of Photoshop.

1992 NYTimes Magazine

Since then he has produced photo illustrations for countless magazines and advertising campaigns. Every picture he has taken for the last 20 year has been touched by Photoshop.  First trained in traditional darkroom and film,Les transitioned as an early adoptor of Digital Photography and the Digital darkroom.   He has subsequently been a beta-tester for Nikon,PhaseOne and Panoscan and has taught Photoshop at New York Institute of Technology’s Graduate school as well as other schools.

Join Les as he offers private classes honed to help you get exactly what you need out of your images through this wonderful tool.


Here is some of what we will cover:

Session 1:
Adobe Camera Raw – Universal Preparation

Tour and basic three locations

Image adjustments:
Color management
ICC profiles
Image adjustments
(2) –Digital darkroom:
Layers Intro
Move tool,color tools,brush size,opacity and controls

Selection tools
Layers –masks –tools
Layers Modes
Composite imagery
Fun with filters

Session 3:
Output –printing and web
Export for devices
Print vs web –resolution
Color management
File format ( jpef,tif,dmg,raw )
File naming convention and tags
Backup,vs archiving,vs cloning (synchronize plus,Carbon Cloner,Timemachine)